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Lifx Mini Smart Bulb

A competitive smart light brand with plentiful offerings

Lifx smart light bulbs are some of the best HomeKit devices, and are all Wi-Fi enabled. This compact Lifx Mini smart bulb is excellent for smaller fixtures, like bedside lamps. In addition, the Lifx A19 bulb and standout Lifx+ bulb can both produce dazzling color effects, including a candle flicker, a strobe, and sync with the music you're playing. The Lifx+ even has infrared technology for camera night vision. Best of all, the Lifx A19 and Lifx+ are both rated for 1100 lumens, making them some of the brightest smart bulbs on the market. Setting up Lifx bulbs with HomeKit takes less than a minute, with Siri standing by and ready to pair your brand new bulbs as soon as they’re powered on. Once you’re connected, you can adjust your Lifx bulbs through the Lifx app or with Siri

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